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Year 9 ‘Personal Best’ projects unveiled

Berwick Year 9 students are excited to unveil their Personal Best (PB) projects today.

PB is a project-based learning program that offers a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate a personal achievement in an area of specific interest to them. Students can explore a passion, try something new or achieve a new level of competency or mastery of a skill. Along the way, work is documented in a folio, including sketches, budget consideration, materials and tools used.
Each year, we are truly amazed by the project ideas and quality of submissions and this year is no exception.
Here are some examples of some of this year’s projects:

Shae MacDonald created a ‘Picnic Table Boat’ to comfortably seat eight members of her family. “A special moment for me was when I finally put the table in the water and it actually floated. I wanted to have fun and enjoy the boat with my siblings after I made it and because I wanted to gain extra knowledge of working with wood and new tools.”

Jude Owen made his own fly fishing rod. “The thing that I most enjoyed about my project is that I got to spend time with my grandpa and really push my limits with making my fishing rod”.

Charlotte Moseley arranged and composed a backing track for the song ‘Everybody’s Free’. Recording using a synth piano, vocal tracks and filming using a drone and phone, Charlotte edited the footage together with the music to create a music video. “I enjoyed this project because it gave me the opportunity to be creative with music, as well as gaining new skills in arranging, recording and editing both the music and video”.

Emma Payne designed, constructed and donated five dog pallet beds to a local dog recue organisation. “I really enjoyed learning about using different tools as these skills would also come in handy for now and when I’m older. I love building and making things so I loved this project, it was a really great experience. I couldn’t wait to hand over the dog beds and experience the feeling you get when you know you’ve done something good for someone and the community”.

Congratulations to all the students for your exceptional work on your PB project this year.