Governance at Beaconhills is led by a Board of 12 directors with a broad range of skills and expertise.

The College Board

Beaconhills College is a Company incorporated under the Corporations Act of Australia and is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Board is accountable to the Members of the Company and the entire College community. It steers the strategic direction and ensures the school meets its governance obligations.

We seek forward-thinking people from diverse backgrounds, with a range of skills and experience in areas relating to corporate governance, risk management, strategy, finance, leadership and management, legal, health and wellbeing, marketing and media, as well as property planning and building development.  We are also looking for people from diverse backgrounds who may be interested in sharing fundraising and philanthropic skills and experience as part of our Beacon of Hope Foundation Board.

To find out more you are welcome to attend our annual Governance Information Session to meet with our Executive Principal, Company Secretary and College Board Chair.  Details are listed below and more details are in the Governance Information Booklet.

Date: Monday, 15 July 2024                    

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Berwick Campus, Gallery Room of the Tony Sheumack Centre, 92 Kangan Drive Berwick.

Please RSVP by Monday 8 July 2024 via email to:

Dr David Moseley Chair of the Board

Dr David Moseley

Board Chair
Nigel Boltwin Deputy Chair

Nigel Boltwin

Deputy Chair
Sandra Ennor Deputy Chair

Sandra Ennor

Deputy Chair
Jill Healey Board Member

Jill Healey

Board Member
John Lorimer Board Member

John Lorimer

Board Member
Janet Aumann Board Member

Janet Aumann

Board Member
Kimberley Flanagan Board Member

Kimberley Flanagan

Board member
Mitchell Zadow Board Member

Mitchell Zadow

Board Member

Sally Lloyd

Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris

Stephen McGinley

Stephen McGinley

Executive Principal
Business Manager

David Young

Company Secretary