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Teacher authors new textbook

Dedicated Beaconhills College teacher and alum Belinda Dalziel has just had the satisfaction of using a new textbook in her Year 12 class that she helped create.

Belinda is the proud co-author of both the 2024 Outdoor and Environmental Studies (OES) study design and textbook.

During her remarkable 15-year career at Beaconhills College, Belinda has made some invaluable contributions beyond the classroom. As a passionate educator in OES, a regular speaker at the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), and a VCAA Deputy Chief Examination Assessor for 13 years, it’s no surprise Belinda was invited to co-write the textbook in late 2022.

The much-anticipated book ‘Nelson Outdoor & Environmental Studies VCE Units 1–4′ was months in the making to be ready for use in 2024 for more than 20,000 students across Victoria. The textbook will be the primary resource for the subject for the next seven years.

“I wrote pretty much every day from December 2022 through to March last year,” Belinda said.

No stranger to writing, Belinda has composed a variety of materials, including examinations, school-assessed course work, study guides, course outlines and more recently she played a key role in the development of this year’s OES 2024 study design.

The College wishes to congratulate Belinda for her exceptional work with not only our students, but for all that she has invested in the OES curriculum.