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Poles symbolise hope for peace

Beaconhills College has installed the first of two ‘peace poles’ at the school as a symbol of silent prayer for peace on earth.

Berwick Rotary has donated two peace poles to the College for each of its campuses in Berwick and Pakenham. Each pole bears the message May Peace Prevail on Earth written in English, French, Japanese and Indigenous (Woiwurrung) languages.

A peace pole is an internationally-recognised symbol of the hopes and dreams of all people, with around 250,000 poles installed in countries across the world.

Beaconhills’ first peace pole was officially installed on Friday at the Berwick Campus. It stands near the entrance of the College and the area will be used as a site for art installations or wreaths to mark occasions such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

Berwick Campus Senior Chaplain Revd Kathy Mildred said the pole will be a “constant, physical reminder of our College’s commitment to peace”.

“As a Christian community school we are committed to welcoming people of all faiths in the spirit of this peace.”

Student captains attended the ceremony to recognise the installation of the new pole, including Faith captains and captains of Japanese, French, Community Service and Reconciliation.

Pakenham Campus will welcome its peace pole to the campus grounds at a separate ceremony on Wednesday 22 May.