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Former student wins Technicians Guild Award

Former Beaconhills student Kaigyn Tytler (Class of 2018) has the magic touch when it comes to working on cars. Kaigyn has just won Top Apprentice in the 2022 Technicians Guild Awards, beating more experienced contenders from across Australia and New Zealand.

The second-year mechanical apprentice, who works for Barry Bourke Motors in Berwick, was excited about his award and said it was satisfying to find a career that he loved.

“I’ve always been really driven in what I do and I’m happy to find something that I love doing. I want to be the best!” he said.

Kaigyn was Head of Cadets at Beaconhills and also College Captain. He said he enjoyed subjects like woodwork in Middle School, along with Systems Engineering.

The Guild Awards judging included an exercise involving five stations, each presenting a different activity, such as fault diagnosis or replacing an engine component. Congratulations Kaigyn – a great achievement!