Values and character

The College values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity guide students to develop their character and identity.

Personal development

Students spend much of their early lives at school, so it’s critical that you choose a school that reflects the values that you and your family respect and uphold.

Connected deeply with the development of Values and character is that of Citizenship and service learning.

As part of a holistic education, and with the principles of Christianity, our students, staff and families are all encouraged to give to others.


Self-discovery is an important element of the Year 9 Program, where students complete the term-long ‘Personal Best’ where they design and implement a project that reflects their personal passion. ‘This is me’ also enables them to create work that represents who they are as individuals, reflecting their culture, characteristics and beliefs. And as part of their Experiential Program, students work in their House group to learn more about themselves and the challenges they may face on the road to adulthood.

The House system

The Beaconhills House system provides a central point of connection between students and their College.  There are eight Houses, each named after one of our College founders and every student belongs to a House.

The Houses help make a large school feel smaller. They help students connect with others from different year levels during House sessions, events and activities. Students are encouraged to contribute their talents, skills and personal strengths while developing a strong sense of identity.

Student Code of Conduct

  1. Respect

    Do my behaviours show respect? Do they give regard to the feelings, rights and wishes of others?

  2. Compassion

    Do my behaviours show compassion? Do they show my concern for and awareness of others through empathy and kindness, tolerance and care?

  3. Integrity

    Am I acting with integrity? Are my words and actions based on positive moral principles?

    Student Code of Conduct