Beaconhills 2023 VCE results

College Dux achieves ATAR of 99.65

Beaconhills College student Ruby Van Beveren has topped the school’s VCE results in 2023 with an ATAR of 99.65.

The results put her on the VCE honour roll of equal highest result in the 20 year history of the College’s Berwick Campus.

Pakenham Campus Dux was Annabella Samara with an ATAR of 97.75.

There were 18 students across both campuses who recorded ATARs of 90 and above, with virtually all subject areas represented. A further 40 students recorded ATARs of 80 to 89.95.

Executive Principal Stephen McGinley congratulated the entire Class of 2023 for their hard work throughout the year.

He said the results showed a consistent pattern of students achieving strong results across a broad spectrum of subjects.

“Once again Beaconhills students are demonstrating the capacity to achieve outstanding VCE results while still being fully involved in the life of the College,” Mr McGinley said.

“It is these experiences that are setting them up for an exciting future.”

With a huge choice of 40 VCE subjects at Beaconhills College, Mr McGinley said there was plenty of evidence that students who chose subjects they were passionate about had excellent outcomes in their subject scores.

College and Berwick Dux

College Dux Ruby Van Beveren studied English, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, French and Biology (in 2022).

She was up bright and early to look at her results, which came through on email early at 6.50am.

“It took me by surprise but it was very, very exciting,” said Ruby, who now hopes to do a double degree in biomedicine and engineering at Monash University.

Ruby was a school captain in 2023 and as a French student, travelled on an exchange program to Laval, France in term 1. That meant that she was a reciprocal host for her French student for three weeks in October, despite it being right in the middle of exam study period.

“I sat down a couple of weeks before she arrived and planned out everything so I would still be able to spend time with her,” she said.


Pakenham Dux

Pakenham Campus Dux Annabella Samara was holidaying in Indonesia with her family on results day but was thrilled with her ATAR.

Annabella studied English, Japanese, Indonesian, Mathematical Methods, Media and Music Composition.

She said “having a consistent sleeptime” was important during the VCE year, along with keeping up with the workload in subjects such as Mathematics.

In 2021 as a Year 10 student, Annabella was accepted into the University of Melbourne’s Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program. The academic enrichment program is designed to support high-achieving Year 11 and 12 students.

Annabella is still considering her future study path but said she enjoyed her Media subject so much this year – particularly making a film – that she was leaning towards a double-degree in arts and media communications.


ATARs 90 and higher

Van Beveren, Ruby

Ruby Van Beveren – 99.65

Berwick Campus
Samara, Annabella

Annabella Samara – 97.75

Pakenham Campus
McGuinness, Taylor

Taylor McGuinness – 97.5

Berwick Campus
Prendergast, Terry

Terence Prendergast – 95.65

Pakenham Campus
Dhillon, Jaskaran

Jaskaran Dhillon – 94.1

Berwick Campus
Martin, Callista

Callista Martin – 93.8

Berwick Campus
Buckley, Caitlin

Caitlin Buckley – 93.45

Berwick Campus
Valastro, Joshua

Joshua Valastro – 93.3

Berwick Campus
Cashmore, Ava

Ava Cashmore – 93.05

Pakenham Campus
Stephens, Thomas

Thomas Stephens – 91.95

Berwick Campus
Bigley, Connor

Connor Bigley – 91.85

Berwick Campus
Wiese-Ross, Cody

Cody Wiese-Ross – 91.75

Berwick Campus
Wiese-Ross, Phoenix

Phoenix Wiese-Ross – 91.2

Berwick Campus
Van Baardwyk, Charlotte

Charlotte Van Baardwyk – 90.95

Pakenham Campus
Hotchkin, Emily

Emily Hotchkin – 90.45

Pakenham Campus
Ratnarajah, Keturah

Keturah Ratnarajah – 90.4

Berwick Campus
Kanavitage, Shanon

Shanon Kanavitage – 90.35

Berwick Campus
Di Teodoro, Scarlett

Scarlett Di Teodoro – 90.3

Pakenham Campus