Child safe

Our child safe policies reflect our zero tolerance approach to child abuse and commitment to acting in children’s best interests to keep them safe.


We ask all visitors and volunteers who work in direct contact with students to complete a short registration process before attending onsite – please select the appropriate form below.

Visitor registration and Child Safe induction

These forms must be completed by:

  • incursion presenter (onsite)
  • excursion provider (offsite)
  • education tutor
  • music/performing arts service
  • umpire/referee
  • sport coach/team manager
  • allied health or specialist intervention to students
  • staff/PD trainer/presenter
  • volunteer (parent)
  • volunteer (other)
  • contractors/third party provider.

Register here.

University student volunteer placement

You are currently enrolled in university and wish to do short-term classroom placement/experience. Register here.

Works contractors

You are a contractor or subcontractor providing maintenance, repairs or services to the College buildings and/or equipment. Register here.