Child protection

Our child protection policies reflect our zero tolerance approach to child abuse and commitment to acting in children’s best interests to keep them safe.

College responsibilities

Beaconhills College is committed to providing a child safe and child friendly environment, where children and young people are safe, feel safe, and can actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. Our policies and procedures ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations, enabling us to maintain a child safe culture. As part of our Child Protection Program, the College requires registration and Working with Children Check details for all people, including parents, who:
  • wish to volunteer in College programs
  • have been booked to provide incursion or excursion services for students
  • have expressed an interest in becoming a homestay host family
  • are works contractors carrying out maintenance, services or repairs to College buildings or equipment.*
*All employees of contracted organisations should be aware of the College child protection policies. If you are volunteering, participating or providing services to the College , you must complete child safe awareness and revalidation each year.

More Information

Registration process

Choose your category from the list below and complete your details on the registration page. Have your Working With Children’s (WWC) Check card handy to help complete the form. If you hold a VIT registration or Police ID, these are also accepted in place of the WWC Check.

Email if you need help.

Parent volunteers (BeaconNet portal login needed)

You have a current child attending the College or Little Beacons and wish to help in the classroom, or other College-supported volunteer opportunities as part of the Parental Assistance Program

Other volunteers

Grandparents of students, other relatives of students, interested community members, unpaid volunteer sporting team coaches or managers. Register here

Homestay hosts

Even if you are a parent of a student at the College, please use this entry point for registration for provision of homestay hosting services. Register here.

Incursion presenters

The College has contacted you to provide an on-campus or online event or program for students, or you are a paid/unpaid sport coach, umpire or tutor. Register here.

Excursion providers

The College has contacted you to provide an off-campus event or program for students, or are an external education provider/tutor to one or more students offering paid/unpaid services. Register here

Team manager/coaches

You are team manager and/or a coach. Register here.

University student volunteer placement

You are currently enrolled in university and wish to do short-term classroom placement/experience. Register here.

Works contractors

You are a contractor or subcontractor providing maintenance, repairs or services to the College buildings and/or equipment. Register here.