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‘Meteorite’ lands in Junior School

What happens when a ‘meteorite’ crashes into your Junior School? Call in an astronaut to investigate, of course!

That’s exactly what happened at the Pakenham Campus Junior School recently, where students were thrilled to discover a debris field of mysterious space junk cordoned off in the quad area.

Fortunately, Virgin Australia pilot and AdvancingX astronaut candidate Sally Tindall (also a College mum) was on hand to guide the students through a scientific investigation of the space material.

The exercise was a part of a Junior School writing prompt, with students given an inspiring experience and ideas to help form a great piece of writing.

A sample of the ‘meteorite’ was last seen heading to the science laboratory for testing.

“When we burn it, the colour it emits indicates what chemical compound is in it,” Ms Tindall explained. Students theorised it could be space junk, an asteroid – or even the Moon.