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Inspiring a love of learning

Inspiring students to love learning is the mission of Natasha Muller, a former Beaconhills student who has now become a teacher.

Ms Muller has shared her ‘alumni story’ as part of the College’s 40 year celebrations in 2022.

Having joined Beaconhills as a Year 11 student in 2011, Ms Muller said it was good to have a fresh start at a school where staff were supportive and “genuinely passionate and dedicated to seeing every student find success within their personal capabilities.

After graduating in 2012, she began civil engineering degree at RMIT, but quickly realised her heart was set on becoming a teacher – thanks in part to the influence of her Beaconhills VCE Psychology teacher, Cameron Davidson.

“Mr D made all the classes fun and engaging. That is why I began my degree in teaching, majoring in calculus, at Deakin University,” she said.

“Beaconhills staff celebrate differences and embrace innovation and therefore it wasn’t even a question that when I graduated university as a teacher, Beaconhills was the place where I wanted to work.”

Back to Beaconhills

“In my final year of teaching I began my placement at Beaconhills Berwick, where I was mentored by Ms Sabine Mitchell; and it is Sabine who I have to thank for the teacher I am today.

“Sabine taught me that every child has something great within them and it is our job as teachers to find their gift, scaffold their ability to utilise skills and inspire them to use their God-given talents.” 

As a graduate teacher, Ms Muller worked at the Berwick Campus from 2019 to 2020 and was grateful for the guidance of former Headmaster Tony Sheumack and then Campus Principal Jenny Williams.

Ms Muller now teaches at an independent school on the Gold Coast where she is involved in the school’s gifted and talented program and digital technology department.

To this day, the values of faith, compassion, integrity and respect that I learnt at Beaconhills College remain at the forefront of all of my personal and professional decisions.

“As the College turns 40, I would like to personally thank the founding fathers for building such a brilliant educational institute, one that is innovative in providing learners endless worldly opportunities.”

Natasha Muller as a student and now teacher.
Natasha Muller as a student (left) and now as a teacher.