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Coping with exams

Looking for some strategies to cope with end-of-year exams?

This article by leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller published in Independent School Victoria’s The Parents Website has some excellent tips.

There are also some other handy tips on Beaconhills College’s SchoolTV resources site to help students who may be facing exam jitters.

The Beaconhills College wellbeing team says research shows exam stress is very common among students, with 90 per cent of students feeling anxious or nervous.

Sometimes exam jitters are shown in many ways; physical symptoms (such as feeling sick or headaches), mental symptoms (confused, lack of motivation) or emotional symptoms (irritable or overwhelmed).

But research also shows that a level of stress can actually be beneficial for the performance of students during exams.

To minimise the effect of stress, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between studying, exercise, eating, socialising, and sleeping. It’s suggested that the quality of study is better than quantity of study – therefore aim for a balanced studying schedule.

Looking for the VCAA exam timetable? You will find it here.

Girl holding exam paper