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Alumnus returns for our Year 12 students

Nadia Zekaria (Class of 2011) was warmly welcomed back to the College during term 2, to discuss all things relevant to the last year of school during a seminar for our Year 12 students.

Important topics were covered including; common social issues, the pressure of choosing a career pathway, helpful tips on managing expectations and how to find satisfaction and fulfilment within yourself and your choices during a year of significant changes.

Nadia completed her degree in psychology after graduating from Beaconhills to pursue her interest in helping individuals reach their maximum potential with their mental performance in all aspects of life.

Now working as a Mental Health and Cognition Coach for her own business Mind and Core, Nadia specialises in a holistic approach to her mentoring where she integrates her understanding of neuroscience, physiology, diet and spirituality into her work. She works with individuals, men’s and women’s groups and collective groups within organisations.

“I asked the students what they wished to discuss. This prompted lots of questions and the students were really engaged”, Nadia shared.

Berwick Year 12 student Ben Whitcher said, “The night offered a unique perspective from someone who has already experienced and completed VCE, giving the current Year 12 students a fresh look upon the world outside school”.