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Year 9s strive for Personal Best

Year 9 students took their Personal Best challenge to new heights this year, creating a stellar line-up of projects reflecting their individual passions.

Personal Best gives students one term to create a major project of their choosing. Along the way, they document their work in a folio, including sketches, budget considerations, materials and tools.

Pakenham Campus’ Ethan Crossley decided to extend his passion for music by learning to play the flute and clarinet. A keen College band member, he already plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophone.

Scarlett Davis, who enjoys art, decided to paint the entire solar system on separate canvases, while Emerson Cook – an aspiring interior designer – gave an entire doll’s house a modern twist with furniture and décor.

Berwick Campus students were equally inspiring. Riley Wells spent close to 70 hours restoring a classic old petrol bowser, complete with the iconic ‘Golden Fleece’ ram.

Aashi Gupta built on her Year 9 experience at the Salvation Army learning about homelessness by delivering 200 brownies to a homelessness shelter. And Adam Hirjee used the full term to design the entire Year 9 centre to scale on Minecraft. Very impressive!