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Why are values so important?

Against the backdrop of two years of school disruption, the role of schools in promoting the importance of values has never been more important.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the continuity of student learning, but also the critical stages of our young people’s emotional and social development, mental health and general engagement.

Throughout our 40 year history, Beaconhills has always prided itself on being a values-driven organisation, focused on caring for all members of our community and a place which values respect, compassion and integrity.

Unfortunately our students often witness high profile examples where truth can become a commodity, compassion can be compromised against other interests and respect ignored in preference for conflict.

Our three values were identified as not only the key ingredients for a successful learning community, but also the foundation of important character development, which helps our young people grow towards fulfilling lives as adults.

Our students make many decisions and choices every day. As a community, we need their choices to reflect these values of respect, compassion and integrity.

Respect is how we behave towards others. When we don’t show respect, we hurt people.

Compassion is what we feel in our hearts for others. When we don’t show compassion, we don’t care for people.

Integrity is what we consider in our thinking. When we decide we don’t tell the truth, we lie. When we lie, we disadvantage others.

One of my favourite activities is the opportunity to greet families and students at the start of the day, when I receive so many friendly responses. This is a part of our school culture we should feel proud of and continue to cherish and nurture into the future. The simple act of greeting each other, even just a ‘good morning’, can go a long way to making us feel connected.

As a community, we will continue to reinforce our values throughout our programs, our expectations and ultimately the development of our young people. Living a life aligned to these values is the path that we wish to illuminate for our students.