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Kobi’s environment message

Beaconhills’ Sustainability and Environment Co-ordinator Kobi Van Raay has a simple message for students this year; put your rubbish in the right bin!

Kobi and her maintenance team colleagues have worked hard over the school holidays to clean up litter around the grounds and have the school looking its best for the start of term.

A passionate environmentalist, Kobi urged students to make conscious decisions about where their waste ends up – and consider how to be responsible with waste management. Beaconhills has a three-bin system across its campuses separating organic, recyclable and landfill waste.

Reducing waste as it is one of the easiest small changes that individuals can make, which makes a large difference in the grand scheme,” Kobi said. “As I personally try to live ‘zero waste’, I understand that is difficult to wrap your head around it at first, but once it’s routine it becomes simple.”

Kobi Van Raay