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International Women’s Day 2023

Renyce McConnell, physical education teacher at Beaconhills College.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and here at Beaconhills we wish to express our gratitude and respect for all women across the globe. We recognise that the world is not equal, and that many females face bias and discrimination on a daily basis. However, we understand and appreciate all steps taken towards making our planet one where difference is ‘valued and appreciated’.  

Renyce McConnell, a physical education teacher at Pakenham is one of the many women who makes Beaconhills an amazing place to learn, and to work. She constantly encourages her students to do their best and to support their classmates. Ms McConnell strongly aligns herself with the College values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity, and strives to help those around her to become better individuals.

‘Our role in celebrating and raising up the women in our lives should not be limited to 24 hours but rather should be a constant way of life’ – Sam Watson, Berwick Campus Principal