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Headmaster concludes service in 2021

The Beaconhills College Board today announced that Tony Sheumack has decided to complete his 24 years as Headmaster at the end of 2021.

Board Chair, Dr David Moseley, described Mr Sheumack as a visionary and inspirational leader who had made an “extraordinary contribution” to the school.

In his letter to parents and staff, he said: “Mr Sheumack’s impact is clearly evident in the sustained excellence in academic results, the quality of our co-curricular and service programs, the strength of our extended leadership team, and the vibrancy of our school community.”

Dr Moseley said the College had benefited from Mr Sheumack’s leadership in the Victorian education community and independent education across Australia.

“Most importantly, Mr Sheumack’s contribution is reflected in the qualities of the graduates from Beaconhills who are well-educated, well-rounded young adults, ready to shape a positive future for themselves and their community.”

The Board will launch a recruitment campaign in coming weeks, with the new appointee starting in 2022, as the College marks its 40th anniversary.