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Hang on to the rollercoaster

For the past 18 months we have all had to metaphorically hang on to the sides of the rollercoaster that is a global pandemic.

Today, Wednesday 4 August, began as a good day, with no new COVID-19 cases reported for Victoria. It is one week into the lifting of our recent round of restrictions. But we are all acutely aware that this is a transient situation, and that’s just the way life is at the moment. Things can change by the minute.

I have been incredibly proud of the way our students, parents and staff have responded the challenges of this pandemic. Our community has experienced loss in a variety of ways, but it’s our resilience – that Beaconhills spirit – that has been the bedrock that has helped support many of us through those tough times.

Like everyone across the world, we have all become increasingly reliant on technology for our learning and social interactions. On the upside, we have discovered new skills and more efficient and innovative ways of doing some things. However, we can’t deny the fact that remote learning does not replace students’ real human interaction with their friends, that collaboration and the immediate sharing of ideas and experiences. 

I know that the rollercoaster ride may continue for some time yet, but this week we have enjoyed seeing our students back out on camp, taking part in small excursions, enjoying sport, performing arts…in short, all the activities of a ‘normal’ school week.  Let’s hope this is the normal educational experience for the remainder of the year.

I long for the borders to open to welcome back our international students and enable our students to experience the rich cultures in other lands.  

I also look forward to the face-to-face interaction of our school tours – an opportunity to show families, first-hand, why we are the best education choice in our region – as soon as there is a further easing of restrictions.

Thank you students, parents and staff for your ongoing support and for helping keep our College community strong, caring and connected.