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New ‘Community Services Showcase’ launched

The College recently launched a new ‘Community Services Showcase’, an event where our Year 8 Certificate of Excellence students could hear firsthand from people who work for local not-for-profit organisations and community service providers.

“It was an opportunity for our students to ask lots of questions and learn more about the meaning of good citizenship and service and how it impacts the world around us”, said Sarah Dyce – Head of Citizenship and Service.

One student said the session helped her realise “how many people are doing it hard and that we should be beyond grateful for what we have.”

Another described good citizenship as “truly taking an interest in a charity for the greater good of the community.”

Thank you to all our guests for sharing your time with us.

Guests pictured L to R: Thuch Ajak (Senior Partnership Advisor – ASRC and Co-Founder and Project Coordinator and United African Farm), Luke Williams (Lead Pastor, Follow Baptist Church – Follow Bless Collective), Tim Spinks (Homelessness Outreach Worker – ERMHA), Julie Leonidas (Program Manager – Casey North Community Information and Support Service) and Gabrielle Noonan (Volunteer Coordinator – Frankie’s Community Kitchen).