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Berwick Campus celebrates 20 years

Berwick Campus is set to celebrate 20 years with the Performing Arts Showcase on Wednesday 16 August.

Along with a spectacular line-up of dance, drama and music, founding staff will share their memories of the campus’ humble beginnings at the event.

Now a thriving campus of 1650 students, there were a few hurdles in the College’s expansion from its one campus in Pakenham to the Berwick ‘village’ campus on 16.45 ha of Berwick farmland.

A delay in the building project meant the first 341 students had to start their 2003 school year at Monash University in Clyde Rd (now Federation University) before moving to their new school three weeks later.

Former Headmaster Tony Sheumack said the land where the Berwick Campus is now located was originally part of the old Casey estate, owned by the O’Donohue family.

At the time, the College was eyeing off three possible Kangan Drive sites, including locations of the current St John of God Hospital and Woodlands Park retirement village.

“We could have been on the hospital site had the hospital decided not to take that particular property,” he said. “The logic was quite simply ‘it’s cheaper to build on flat land’.”

However, being the last of the three groups to express interest, Beaconhills settled on 92 Kangan Drive, Berwick – and the rest, as they say, is history.

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The Performing Arts Showcase in staged in the spectacular Tony Sheumack Centre for Performing Arts on Wednesday 16 August from 7-9pm.

Anyone in the community is welcome to attend to enjoy an exciting program of dance, drama, music and voice performances, featuring a high standard of talent from staff, students and alumni – some who are performing professionally.

Berwick Campus Principal Sam Watson said the school was “incredibly proud” of the chance to celebrate the staff, students and families who had served the Berwick Campus over the last 20 years.

“This is an opportunity for key members of our community reflect on the growth and influence this College has had on so many people,” Mr Watson said.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Community Education Support Fund (CESF). The CESF awards scholarships and bursaries for families in need. For bookings go to https://tinyurl.com/beaconhills

Students at old Monash University Campus in 2003
Founding students of Berwick Campus pictured on opening day in 2003 at their temporary location of the old Monash University Campus in Clyde Rd, Berwick.