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Berwick Campus celebrates 20 years

On Wednesday 16 August the Beaconhills College community came together for a special Performing Arts Showcase to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Berwick Campus.

It was an incredible night of entertainment and storytelling with nearly 300 guests enjoying a spectacular line-up of solo and group performances led by talented students, staff and alumni.

“Everything that makes our school community so special was on display for everyone to see,” said Sam Watson, Berwick Campus Principal.

Mr Watson shared his gratitude for the hard work and leadership which had helped build the success of the Berwick Campus, highlighting how much had been achieved in such little time.

“It is going to be an incredibly exciting next 20 years at Beaconhills College Berwick,” he said.

Berwick Campus celebrates 20 years with a special Performing Arts Showcase.