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21 day challenge

Could you do a thoughtful act for someone else every day, for 21 days?

Beaconhills College’s Citizenship and Service Program is launching a new activity for students and families over the school holidays and beyond – the 21 Day Challenge.

The idea is simple. Do a small act of kindness for someone else every day. Record it, if you wish take a photo (we would love to see what you are doing), but most of all, do it because you want to help grow a ‘culture of kindness’.

You might write a card for someone, plant a tree, clean the windows at home or just email a friend and tell them how much you appreciate them. Some more ideas are below.

Our Year 8 Certificate of Excellence students are already taking up the challenge, documenting their actions each day which will be formally recognised as part of their certificate.

The concept was also trialled for a week with great success amongst our Year 2s at the Pakenham Campus (see photos).

You can click here to read about the original 21 Day Challenge and how it all works.

Beaconhills’ Citizenship and Service Program is based on the ‘benefit mindset’ philosophy, which in turn builds on ‘growth mindset’. A benefit mindset, developed by researcher and consultant Ash Buchanan, seeks to not only fulfil our own potential, but do it way that serves the wellbeing of all.

We would love to see some photos showing some of the ways you are meeting the challenge, so we can post them for others! Email to news@beaconhills.vic.edu.au

A few starter ideas

Beaconhills’ Head of Citizenship and Service, Clare Tuohy, has a few ideas to get you started:

• Start a Gratefulness Journal. At dinner each night, encourage family members to highlight what they have been grateful for that day
• Cook dinner
• Make a batch of cookies for your family
• Write a poem about one of your family members and give it to them
• Plan a small veggie garden and put steps into place to make this happen
• Offer to clean the bathroom
• Make a card or write a letter of kindness to a neighbor and leave it in their letter box or on the front door