Beaconhills 2021 VCE results

Beaconhills College students have achieved outstanding 2021 VCE results across a wide range of subjects, with a top ATAR of 99.25 for Pakenham Campus College Dux Sienna Jude.

Despite the challenges of two years of pandemic lockdowns, Headmaster Tony Sheumack said the results were a testament to the resilience and dedication of students and teachers, and the support of parents.

Of the 202 students across Berwick and Pakenham Campus who received ATARs, 20 students recorded higher than 90 across a broad range of 28 subjects, with 59 above 80. Beaconhills offers students a huge choice of 40 VCE subjects.

College Dux

Congratulations to College Dux Sienna Jude (Pakenham Campus) for her 99.25 ATAR.


“During one of the most challenging years of my schooling life, I am most proud of the hard work and dedication to my studies. No matter my result I knew I had done my best, so I am extremely grateful that I received a score that reflected those efforts.

I would like to thank all of my friends and teachers who continuously gave me their support and time. However, most importantly I am thankful for Beaconhills which provided me with 13 years full of education that allowed me to not only receive the results I did, but to leave school with a strong set of values that I hope will lead me to make a positive contribution to the world.”

Pakenham Campus Dux, College Dux, Class of 2021

Berwick Dux

Congratulations to Berwick Dux Sharni Seamons for her 99 ATAR.


An excited Sharni said she was awake from 4am and was thrilled with her 99 ATAR.

Sharni said she set herself some “high goals” at the start of the year and stuck to her study plan, but lockdown was in some ways a blessing in disguise.
“It meant more time to study, because there wasn’t a lot else to do!” 

Berwick Dux, Class of 2021

The top 20 students excelled in language subjects such as French and Japanese, English and Maths subjects, but also chose to study everything from Physics and Psychology to Theatre Studies, Software Development, Data Analytics, Biology, Legal Studies, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, Geography and Extended Investigation.

Proving that learning has no boundaries, international student Md Zabir Hossain who was studying offshore from Bangladesh managed a perfect 50 in Biology. And despite completing Year 12 online from China, Liu Zirui (Ray) triumphed with an ATAR of 92.65. And after scoring a 50 in Year 11 for Extended investigation – and a Premier’s Award – Sharni Seamons topped off her VCE with an ATAR of 99, making her Berwick Campus Dux. For outgoing Headmaster Tony Sheumack, another strong year of Beaconhills VCE results was a wonderful way to conclude his tenure.

“I am very proud of the brilliant results achieved by our 2021 students,” Mr Sheumack said.

“It has been such a privilege to be part of this fantastic community and share the successes of our students during this very challenging period. I am so proud of the staff, students and families who worked together through the lockdowns and are all part of this success story. I encourage the Class of 2021 to continue to be good citizens and make a positive difference in their chosen career.”

He said the results were also a testament to the strength of the College’s online learning program during lockdowns and the on-campus Blended Learning Program to help support frontline health workers. The College was one of only a handful of schools in the state offering this program to their international students unable to return to Australia.

ATAR above 90

Pakenham Campus Dux, College Dux, Class of 2021

Sienna Jude – 99.25

Pakenham Campus
Berwick Dux, Class of 2021

Sharni Seamons – 99

Berwick Campus
Nicholas, Tia

Tia Nicholas – 98.25

Berwick Campus
Sodhi, Shubhneet

Shubhneet Sodhi – 97.75

Pakenham Campus
Thornton-Mackay, Riley

Riley Thornton-Mackay – 97.25

Berwick Campus
Hetherington, Benjamin

Benjamin Hetherington – 96.55

Pakenham Campus
Wallace, Alexandra

Alexandra Wallace – 94.5

Berwick Campus
Lee, Nataly

Nataly Lee – 94.4

Berwick Campus
Graham, Marcus

Marcus Graham – 94.2

Berwick Campus
Parsons, Chloe

Chloe Parsons – 93.4

Berwick Campus
Singh, Amisha

Amisha Singh – 93.2

Pakenham Campus
Haysom, Liam

Liam Haysom – 93.15

Berwick Campus
Chopra, Raunaq

Raunaq Chopra – 93

Berwick Campus
Perez, Elliot

Elliot Perez – 92.65

Pakenham Campus
Liu, Zirui

Zirui Liu – 92.65

Pakenham Campus
Widanagamage, Sanuli

Sanuli Widanagamage – 91.85

Berwick Campus
McPhee, Nick

Nick McPhee – 91.6

Berwick Campus
Smith, Brandon

Brandon Smith – 91.6

Berwick Campus
Quinn, Ciaran

Ciaran Quinn – 91.35

Berwick Campus
Angenent, Eliza

Eliza Angenent – 91.1

Berwick Campus

Teaching Excellence Online

Beaconhills’ two Heads of Teaching and Learning, Martin Toman (Berwick) and Hannah Johnston (Pakenham) praised teaching staff for their work through the ups and downs of the pandemic.

Mr Toman said that while teachers have had to be innovative in their practice “what has also made a difference is staff deliberately maintaining a link between the student and the school, consistently monitoring wellbeing and connectedness.”

“Beaconhills offers a wide range of subjects and employs experienced staff members who are experts in their disciplines,” he said. “So for every student the opportunity exists for them to strive for excellence and be supported by a deep knowledge base.” Hannah Johnston said the College’s Blended Learning Program was a “unique, dynamic and innovative demonstration of Beaconhills’ world class teaching and learning program”. “Students could learn face-to-face in the classroom and simultaneously online from countries all over the world,” she said.

The Victorian Minister for Education, James Merlino, said completing the final years of schooling during a global pandemic was particularly inspiring.

“I thank teachers, school staff and families, whose support through the last two, difficult years has played a huge role in the success of this year’s VCE and VCAL students,” Mr Merlino said.