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26 October 2018
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Year 9 Pakenham Campus student Elliot Perez has collected first prize in the Casey Cardinia Libraries Short Story and Poetry Competition this month.

Congratulations Elliot on your beautiful poem which we have shared here:


A barren landscape devoid of character, of life,
Delicate and pure, but yearning for true existence,
Its desire for freedom calls not only from the canvas,
But from within me as well, I feel I must answer.

I do not see the brush as simply a tool,
Nor think of the paint as just a medium of colour,
For the brush is a vessel that extends from myself,
and the paint is my soul, my voice and my mind.

The brush hovers over the canvas for just a moment
the compelling power of the painting pulls it forth
and as the painting takes its first breath, I realise
that I am no longer the one in control.

Paint spills from the brush, emotion spills from my heart
Now not only is the brush the vessel, but my being itself,
the painting once blank and empty has become another,
Its face has a mind, beneath the paint it wants to learn.

It searches me for inspiration, scouring thoughts and feelings,
The empty spaces of the canvas find filled ones in my mind,
Buried with the deepest of feelings
The voice that sang out no longer asks for permission

The face grows more familiar with each new line
Eventually the portrait is painted with a touch of tears,
Which is taken on and returned as sorrow,
And the face sheds a single tear of her own

The portrait darkens, and with the darkness comes pain
The face of tragedy smiles faintly, the familiarity sharp as knives
The eyes hold me frozen, gazing into my soul
With silent communication, the painted one demands an answer.


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