Wins for hockey, football and netball teams in SEISA

22 August 2016
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Five Beaconhills College teams have won the finals of the SEISA (South Eastern Independent Schools Association) winter competition.

The winning intermediate and senior teams are the girls’ hockey, senior football and intermediate netball B teams (Berwick Campus) and the senior boys’ hockey and intermediate girls’ netball A teams from the Pakenham Campus.

The Berwick senior football team won the competition for the second year running, while the girls’ hockey team dominated, despite never having won a game before this year.

Coach Kendall Edens said the team beat Gippsland Grammar 1-0 and demonstrated some good early-passing skills and teamwork.

“It was a great team effort and nice to beat the team we lost to in the early round game,” he said. “All players should be proud of themselves.”

Pakenham’s intermediate girls’ netball A team beat Berwick Campus 39-20, while the senior boys’ hockey drew 2-2 against Gippsland Grammar but won on penalties. Senior girls’ soccer also drew 1-1 but lost on penalties to Newhaven College.

Berwick's Years 9-12 girls' hockey team

Berwick’s Years 9-12 girls’ hockey team

Intermediate B girls' netball team, Berwick Campus

Intermediate B girls’ netball team, Berwick Campus

Pakenham's intermediate  girls' A netball team

Pakenham’s intermediate girls’ A netball team

Senior boys' hockey, Pakenham

Senior boys’ hockey, Pakenham

Unbeatable: senior boys' football, Berwick

Unbeatable: senior boys’ football, Berwick

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