Wildlife warmers

4 April 2018
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A phenomenal effort from our College community, who during term 1 donated more than 1500 pieces of linen for Wildlife Victoria.
The linen will be used for treatment of native animals who have become sick, injured or orphaned as a direct result of human activity.
Each year Wildlife Victoria receive approximately 80,000 reports of wildlife in need. With the help of more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers, they are able to assist over 43,000 different animals.
Head of Citizenship and Service at Beaconhills College Clare Tuohy said that the response was ‘simply amazing’ and far beyond expected.
Rather than being transported by car, the items of linen (including towels, sheets, pillow cases and wool) will instead have to be transported by truck.
Thank you to all who donated for your incredible generosity.

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