Why Year 9?

11 August 2017
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Since Beaconhills College became the first school in Victoria to establish an on-campus, specialised Year 9 program more than 20 years ago, other schools have followed suit.

Various adaptations of Year 9 programs are now commonplace. But as we prepare to open our major new Year 9 Centre at our Pakenham Campus in 2018, I have been reflecting on what really sets our program apart.

Year 9 at Beaconhills is a ‘bespoke’ program. For the past 20 years, we have developed the key elements – Personal Best, Common Good, City Experience and the challenging Outdoor Education program – to really give students some unique and life-changing learning. Learning that matters.

This program was founded on research showing that around Year 9, young people tend to disconnect from their school work and families and focus strongly on their peer relationships. It’s a transitional time, where they’re learning about their own identity and place in the world.

At a time when young people can disengage from learning, what better way to re-ignite their interest than give them a term to develop a project that is their personal passion (Personal Best)? At a time when teenagers can become self-absorbed, what better to discover the joy of altruism and empathy by handing out small gifts to people on Melbourne’s streets (Random Act of Kindness), or raising money for a charity organisation (Common Good)?

Our newly-launched Year 9 website tells you much more about this program and the immeasurable benefits it delivers for students.

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