What are your values?

4 September 2019
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Most parents choose independent schooling in Australia because of the values taught in those schools.

The decisions we make as parents – such as which school to choose for our child – are guided by our own basic fundamental beliefs and values.

In fact, making decisions in life that don’t align with our underlying values can feel very wrong. For that reason I believe it’s important to define and acknowledge your values, individually and collectively.

At Beaconhills College, we are very clear on our core Christian values of respect, compassion and integrity. While the Christian foundation underpins our value base, it has never been a requirement that our staff or students are Christians. Our College community embraces diversity and we welcome students from all faith traditions and those who have no faith. However, we expect all who join our College to respect and honour our Christian values and traditions.

In recent House Church services, Revd Peggy Kruse reminded us all of why Beaconhills College was originally founded; to offer open-entry, lower fee Christian education and values to young people in our region.

The College has developed its values program over its 37-year history, through the RAVE curriculum starting in early learning, experiential learning in Year 9, its citizenship and service program, assemblies and Chapel and House Church services.

As Revd Kruse said: “Values are taught in many ways – not only in RAVE, but in the modelling of both school and family life. The school can only reinforce what is already being taught at home – so it a partnership, that helps to mould and form our children and young people.

“Our values not only shape our own lives, but also those of our families, school and the larger world around us.”


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