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2 February 2016
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Welcome back to all of our Beaconhills students. I hope you are rested and ready for another wonderful year of learning. Welcome also to our families, and to those of you who are new to our College.

Learning is a privilege. As hard as it is to believe, in some countries it can even mean the difference between life and death. We recently received a communication from the charity we support in Bangladesh, Fred Hyde’s Co-operation in Development (COID). COID has built a network of 45 schools in the low lying delta island of Bhola.

COID’s relatively tiny budget – about equal to the salaries of four Australian teachers – gives full time free education to 13,600 children and employs 168 staff. Just one dollar sustains a Bangladeshi child’s education for a fortnight – teacher salaries, books and stationery costs.

COID is not only a ‘beacon of hope’, but as the organisation points out, it literally helps save lives in a country where children and adults can easily mistake ‘poison’ for ‘medicine’ due to their illiteracy.

I am proud that Beaconhills College can help make a difference in countries such as Bangladesh, as well as East Timor and Vietnam through our service to community – one of the six pillars of our Learning that Matters.

I hope your learning at Beaconhills this year is interesting, engaging and inspiring. Learning is a privilege and you are one of the lucky ones. Enjoy 2016.

Students at a COID school on Bhola Island, Bangladesh

Students at a COID school on Bhola Island, Bangladesh

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