Welcome back to school

9 June 2020
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It was a delight to (finally) welcome all of our students back to Campus today.

While students in Prep – Year 2 and Years 10 – 12 returned to face-to-face learning on 26 May, it was wonderful for students in Years 3 – 9 to be reunited with classmates and teachers in person today.

Students, teachers and parents have spent term 2 coming to grips with a new type of schooling – online. While Little Beacons centres remained open – along with our on-campus blended program – for the majority of students, home has been the new classroom.

There was a tangible sense of excitement in the air as all of our students were warmly greeted at the College gates this morning, before they dove straight back into the action of regular classrooms.

Berwick Campus Principal, Sam Watson, greeted his students with balloons and a smile as they entered school grounds this morning.

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