Good news on VCE destinations

13 February 2015
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Tertiary offers are the real success story of our VCE

I am very pleased to see that in our tertiary destinations data this week around 95 per cent of students received a round one offer.

This is wonderful news for our Class of 2014.

For me, these figures tell the real Beaconhills College success story – more students than ever heading to university and the vast majority of students landing in their chosen course.

It is important to remember that Beaconhills is an open-entry school where students’ aspirations are incredibly varied, yet we still have an outcome where most students are applying for tertiary places and moving on to further education.

Their choices of courses are as varied as our student population, covering everything from science to engineering, art and business.

Credit should be given to our senior and careers staff for providing solid and savvy advice on course selection.

I’m sure we will hear of many success stories in the future about our newest alumni.




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