Twenty years of friendship

27 November 2015
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Yesterday in Japan I was part of a ceremony to celebrate our 20 year friendship with Ibaraki Christian Junior and Senior High School.

Beaconhills currently has a group of students visiting Ibaraki and it was wonderful for them to also be part of this ceremony.

Our links were forged back in 1992 when Miss Nogi from Ibaraki visited Beaconhills and floated the idea of a sister school relationship. We hosted the first visit from Ibaraki students in 1994 and our students returned there in 1995. Since then there have been many successful student exchange visits.

There was only one year where student exchanges did not take place. The devastating tsunami in March 2011 brought much sadness to Ibaraki and made visits impossible. We were pleased to be able to provide some support to the school during that very difficult time.

At the ceremony yesterday, the Ibaraki Principal Mr Suzuki and I exchanged gifts in recognition of 20 years of friendship. Beaconhills presented a painting by Australian indigenous artist Tommy Crow called ‘Sunset Dreaming’.

It takes commitment from dedicated staff from both schools to maintain a strong friendship and continuous exchanges. At both Ibaraki and Beaconhills, we highly value the importance of building international relationships and having our students share each other’s culture, foods and customs.

We want our students to enjoy these experiences first-hand and to be truly global citizens.

The ceremony at Ibaraki

The ceremony at Ibaraki

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