TOPshots from two Beaconhills Media students

12 November 2020
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Spectacular work from two Beaconhills College VCE Media students is currently being celebrated as part of the annual TOPshots awards and exhibition through the Monash Gallery of Art.

Berwick Campus student, Julia Batchelor, created a mise en abyme, to explore a deep appreciation of feminist views. Challenged through body and mind, she aimed to immediately appeal to those who have a pre-existing appreciation for these themes and thus develop greater value for this in others.

Pakenham Campus student, Molly Stapleton, used stroboscopic photography to capture the range of motion of an athlete, in this case, a cricketer. The work explores the precision of the athlete, who over time, has trained to develop and refine their skill and technique in batting. The stroboscopic photography method uses a single image, capturing the subject’s movement over a one second period of time, illuminated only by the succession of strobe flashes.

The TOPshots 2019-20 exhibition can be viewed online here: https://www.mga.org.au/education/topshots-2019-20/.

Growing back as thorns – a piece by Julia Batchelor.

Cricket in motion – a piece by Molly Stapleton.

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