Take care on our roads

8 October 2015
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As many you will be aware, yesterday (6 October) there was a very distressing incident on the nearby Princes Highway where a young boy from a neighbouring school was hit by a car.

Drop off and pick up times around school zones are obviously the busiest for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Our region’s roads have become increasingly congested. This is a timely reminder for us all to take extra care in and around schools – including school carparks – and for students to use pedestrian crossings and lights when travelling across busy roads.

Yesterday the ambulance helicopter needed to land on one of our College ovals to transport the young patient to hospital. I would like to thank all the Senior School staff and students for their co-operation during this time to enable the paramedics to do their essential work.

Please slow down, follow the road rules and be cautious when crossing so we can help prevent these terrible accidents.


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