Steering a course for cancer cure

9 January 2017
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Former Beaconhills College student Amy Hatherall has embarked on her 4000km charity bike ride from Melbourne to Cairns to raise money for cancer research.

The Steer North 45-day event is believed to be the longest charity bike ride in the southern hemisphere. Ms Hatherall is the organisation’s Community Engagement Chairperson and one of 40 riders taking part.

Ms Hatherall (Class of 2012) told us early in 2016 that she was taking part in the event because her family had been deeply affected by cancer.

“I’ve lost many relatives as well as Scott McConchie (former Beaconhills teacher),” she said. “I am longing for a cure and by doing this ride it gives me hope – and hope to my family.”

Ms Hatherall is currently studying Applied Public Health at Australian Catholic University and hopes to work in cancer clinics.

She had initially aimed to raise $5000 but is already well on her way to reaching her new goal of $8000.  More details at Steer North


Amy Hatherall. Photo courtesy ACU



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