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School Bus Management System – User Account Emails

In the lead up to the 2018 school year, all travellers wishing to access School Bus Program services, are required to login to the School Bus Management System and submit their travel applications.

Existing Travellers

These are travellers who wish to continue to travel on the school bus.  For your convenience, included below is a simple chart to help with the process.  See Diagram 1 below:

New Travellers

All new families seeking access to School Bus Program services for the first time will need to register on the School Bus Management System.  Please go to https:\\

Once registered, families will be able to add travellers and submit travel applications online.

For your convenience, I have included a simple chart to help you with the registration and application process.  See Diagram 2 below.

School Bus Services (PTV and DET) Operated by Ventura Bus Lines

In the event families require assistance, please contact Public Transport Victoria’s [PTV] Call Centre on 1800 800 007.

We wish to stress to parents that safety is our number one priority.  If your child is not registered and is still travelling on a bus, then the School Bus Management System and school records will not have them as listed to catch the bus. In the event of an incident or a need to stop the bus, we will not know that firstly your child is on the bus and we will not know to contact you.

CT 1 Application Process

Please find attached School Bus Programme (SBP) Application Forms (Eligible and Fare Paying) for the CT1 Bus along with details of payment and application process from Berwick Secondary College who is the convening school.

Please also check out the link in relation to eligibility criteria to travel on the CT1 Bus:

For families applying for school bus travel and who live closer to the Berwick Campus, the students are assessed as fare payers as they are bypassing their nearest school.

The exception would be if the family lives in excess of 4.8km of the Beaconhills College Berwick Campus and have a closer bus service to Pakenham or alternatively, the student is unable to be enrolled in Berwick as the school has reached its capacity.

PDFSBP Application for Permission to Travel – Eligible Students
PDFSBP Application for Permission to Travel – Fare Paying Students