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School Bus Management System – User Account Emails

Public Transport Victoria and the Department of Education and Training welcomes families to the School Bus Management System, the new online system where you can apply, renew and view your applications for travel on School Bus Program services.  

Existing Travellers

A user account has been set up for families with existing School Bus Program travellers on the School Bus Management System.  Each family will receive a notification regarding access to the new online system, including their username and password.  The email will come from a general email account called SBMS-admin.  If you have not received an email, please check your trash or junk mail.  Alternatively please contact PTV with your email details so that you will receive up to date notifications.

Most families will receive an email notification, as this detail has been provided to Public Transport Victoria by your school.  Where your school has not provided an email address, families will receive a letter in the mail.

When families log into the School Bus Management System for the first time, they will be prompted to change their password. Once changed, Public Transport Victoria recommends all families check their profile for accuracy.  For example, ensure email addresses and emergency contact information is correct. The system will then be ready for families to receive reminder notifications for travel renewals, add new travellers and applications to their existing account.

New Travellers

All new families seeking access to School Bus Program service for the first time will need to register on the School Bus Management System at  Once registered, families will be able to add travellers and submit travel applications online. I am no longer able to give advice about stops though as that will be determined by coordinates and allocated by PTV.

Public Transport Victoria has advised that the new School Bus Management System has been launched in our school bus network. Families can now apply for school bus travel. Please see the attached flyer (below) for further information.

PDF School Bus Management System (flyer)

New Travellers Living Closer to the Berwick Campus but attending the Pakenham Campus

For new families applying for school bus travel and who live closer to the Berwick Campus, the School Bus Management System requires them to be a fare payer as they are bypassing their nearest school. The exception would be if the family lives in excess of 4.8km of the Berwick Campus bus and have a closer bus service to Pakenham or alternatively, the student is unable to be enrolled in Berwick as the school has reached its capacity.

In both instances, the family would need to seek a letter confirming this from the Berwick Campus and then submit this evidence with their application.

School Bus Services (PTV and DET) Operated by Ventura Bus Lines

Parents are advised to please check the Ventura Website at for any MET Bus service enquiries.

Please click School Routes and enter Beaconhills College and this will bring up all the School Buses (PTV and DET services) operated by Ventura with the Route ID (example CT1) and a route map will be displayed.