It is important that the College has your most up-to-date contact details, for general and specific communications and in the event of an emergency.

MyDetails  is now an easy way to view all of your “Family Information” including household member phone and email details, residential and postal address details, education and occupation information the College is required to collect for government reporting. MyDetails “Family Information”  tab is also where you will update your child’s media and photo permissions, as well as review immunisation details, ensuring they are correct. MyDetails  is a new way for you to access CareMonkey under the “Student information” tab.

For more information on myDetails, please click HERE.

CareMonkey is specifically used to obtain from you information in relation to your child’s(children) personal health and medical conditions, and to gain consent from you for certain activities and events your child may be participating in during the school year. At the commencement of each calendar year, a Student Information Update e-Form is issued to you in CareMonkey, to action and respond to before the start of the school year. Please ensure you review fully your child’s(children) profiles, including all the medical  information, and care plans and non-parental emergency contacts are updated at this time.

We request that only CareMonkey User Account Information is updated in CareMonkey, there is no requirement to update the “Parent Guardian Contact” update box in CareMonkey – please make any family contact updates (phone, email or address) in MyDetails – Family Information/Details – is available to access HERE.

To Access and log into CareMonkey click on the below link.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to edit your details:

PDF How to create a profile – New Families

PDF How to edit a profile – Existing Families

For more information on changing your Account Information for CareMonkey



If you have any problems updating your details, do not hesitate to contact your Section Administrator.