Healthy eating and Oral Health Policy


Leadership and staff acknowledge the importance of healthy eating and oral health behaviours, which contribute to good health and overall wellbeing.
This policy confirms our commitment to:
• encouraging students to make healthy food and drink choices
• promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes drinking water , eating healthy food and maintaining oral health
• creating a supportive environment for healthy eating and good oral health for students, staff, families and external visitors.

As a health promoting school, we will promote healthy eating and oral health to students, staff and families through learning, policies, creating a safe and healthy physical and social environment, and developing community links and partnerships.

Policy statement


Healthy eating and good nutrition has a major influence on the health and wellbeing of children and young people, and a direct impact on their growth and development. Acknowledging the social and cultural role of food, and the wide range of attitudes to it, is important within the school environment.

Oral health is essential for the overall health and wellbeing of children and young people. Oral diseases can negatively affect individuals through pain, discomfort, and impacts on general health and quality of life. The main oral health condition experienced by children is tooth decay with one in four Victorian children aged 5 – 12 years having filled teeth. Tooth decay is Australia’s most prevalent health problem despite being almost entirely preventable.

Whole school engagement

It is recognised that every member of Beaconhills College has an impact on students’ health and can contribute to creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and good oral health . All members of our school community including staff, students, families and volunteers will be supported to meet this policy.