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Leading the learning that matters – Healthy Eating

Welcome to the Beaconhills Healthy Eating section. Here you will find the link to the latest College menu for the Canteens, and the link to the online ordering system Munch Monitor.


The College embarked on a Heatley Eating plan during mid 2014 – with the aim and focus, to ensure that – while at school – all students have access to foods and drinks that meet the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The College canteen menus have been adjusted to better reflect these guidelines, with the removal of many items no longer deemed to be within the “everyday offering” of food or beverages. The aim is to continue to develop a menu with foods that are appealing, tasty and nutritious, but at the same time ensuring they are healthy eating options.

Within this section you will find some documents in relation to:

  • 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • How many servings do children need?
  • Healthy Easting and the School Canteen

Many of these extracts have been taken from National Heathy School Canteen – Guidelines for healthy foods and drinks supplied in school canteens(if you would like to refer to entire document).

Please visit this page often, as we will be updating information often.

For feedback and suggestions for the canteen menu, please email, with CANTEEN FEEDBACK in the subject line.

Canteen guidelines