Smoothing the path back to school

6 October 2020
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The prospect of returning to on-campus schooling is exciting for some, but daunting for others. Our Berwick Campus Wellbeing Counsellor Laura Collins has a few tips to help smooth the path.

Practise school-day routines

Before school returns, run through the morning process a few times, to help ease anxiety. Include packing their school bag, getting ready in a set amount of time or organising their uniform and lunchbox. For younger children you could play ‘pretending we are going to school’ and even include a walk around the block before and after school, to help it feel more authentic.

Talk to them about their worries, concerns and what to expect

Talk to your children about anything that can be sorted out before day 1, to ease any anxiety. This gives you time to talk to relevant staff, to potentially resolve/reassure any worries.  Talk through what to expect, and normalise their feelings – a lot of people are feeling anxious or uncertain about another change.

Re-establish good sleeping habits

Try to re-establish good sleeping habits a week or so before school returns, so there is one less adjustment to have to face in week 1. Encourage them to go to bed earlier, and wake up in time for their old face-to-face learning routine.

Be conscious of slowly easing back into a different pace of life

Being organised and prepared can help us all to avoid our crazy morning rushes. Be conscious of slowly easing your children back into school, before re-introducing clubs and extra-curricular activities, so they have them time to adjust back to life as they previously knew it.


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