Sky’s the limit for Bryce

8 August 2017
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Year 12 Berwick Campus student Bryce Peatling has become a media sensation after successfully recording GoPro footage from near space as part of his Year 12 Media project.

Bryce has featured on Channel 7 news and the Sunrise program this week where he described how he launched a camera to 21,000m, using a weather balloon and GPS trackers to retrieve it.

The project idea, to gain photographic images from the stratosphere, quickly became a major task involving hours of paperwork to seek approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Finding the optimal weather and location to launch was also a challenge. The final location chosen was Elmore, to the north-east of Bendigo, Victoria.
Bryce said his biggest concern was retrieving the camera (on loan from a friend), but luck was on his side. The balloon rose to 21,000m, where the temperature was -72 deg c, burst, then fell to earth just an hour’s drive away. It landed in the driveway of a farmhouse.

Bryce rushed to retrieve the images from the camera and said he couldn’t believe the results.

“I am still blown away by the outcome,” he said. “I just wanted to capture the blackness of space and the blueness of the atmosphere and that’s what I got.”

His Media teacher Nick Zomer said when Bryce initially approached him with the idea he encouraged him to go for it.

“This type of project held significant challenges in the pre-production and launching phases, but to finally see the footage and imagery that has come from it is a real testament to Bryce’s resilience to continue to push boundaries creatively,” he said.

“I’m confident that the finished imagery, once edited in post-production, will be stunning.”

You can see a snippet of Bryce’s footage from near space by clicking here – and his interview with Channel 7’s Sunrise program here.

Bryce shows some of the work that went into his folio for the project


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