Ski brothers leave competition in their wake

20 February 2015
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Champion waterskier Jack C will realise a dream when he gets to ski at this year’s Moomba slalom event in March.

Jack will not only be skiing against the world’s best juniors, but also in the Under 18s, way above his usual Under 14s category.

Both Jack (Year 9) and his younger brother Bailey (Year 7) have had incredible success in their sport over the summer holidays.

Bailey achieved second overall in both the Australian Junior Masters and Australian Masters, while Jack came first overall in both events, also breaking the State Jump record and receiving the Glen Thurlow Award for most outstanding skier of the tournament.

Jack has skied an Australian record (pending official confirmation) in slalom and now holds the best score in Australian history in his age group.

The brothers skied in the Australian Under 14 team at Myuna Bay near Newcastle and helped Australia beat New Zealand, with Jack recording first overall and Bailey fourth.

Jack said skiing at Moomba was something he had dreamt about ever since he started skiing.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to ski in the Yarra, through the city, with a crowd (watching) other than waterskiers,” he said.

He is looking forward to skiing at a faster speed than in the Under 14s: “I am excited to get out there and do my best!”


Jack C in action


Bailey (left) and Jack

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