Silver medal for national basketball team

4 December 2015
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Beaconhills College’s combined campus girls’ basketball team has won the silver medal in the Australian Schools Championships in Canberra.

The Under 17 girls’ Division 2 team had a spectacular week of basketball at the AIS Basketball and Netball Centre to win through to the finals against Ballarat’s Loreto College. The final score was 46-58.

Coaches Colin and Kerry Burns said the girls played to the best of their abilities.

“It was a well-deserved win after a full year of strong commitment and hard work for the first truly combined College squad,” Mrs Burns said.

In other results, the Under 17 boys’ Division 3 placed tenth and Under 17 Boy’s Division 2 placed seventh – and amazing week-long effort from every student.

The finals team included Kate B, Kyra E, Vanessa F, Ashley G, Bryannen G, Mady H, Madelyn J, Stephanie K and Briana S. Paige C was unable to play.

Silver medalists: Under 17 girls

Silver medalists: Under 17 girls

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