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13 February 2015
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Our sub-school structure provides students with a tight-knit, supportive community

Strangers often are astonished when I tell them that Beaconhills College has around 3000 students.

It sounds like a large school. It is a large school – but the reality is that the numbers are actually quite deceiving.

What we offer at Beaconhills is five sub-schools within the College, where each student is part of a close-knit and supportive community. There is no sense of ‘feeling lost’ in the crowd and there are some very significant benefits for each child.

A key advantage of this structure is the opportunity for leadership. In the old school system, students would have to wait until their senior years to become leaders. Now they have a number of opportunities to lead in a variety of areas that may reflect their strengths, from performing arts to sport or community service.

The structure also makes each student’s pathway through the College more seamless. No longer do we have the sudden jump from one core class teacher in primary school to multiple subject teachers in high school, with Middle School providing the gradual transition between the various year levels.

This year we have launched a new series of graphic designs (click on each image below) which represent our five sub-schools. Each has been carefully crafted to reflect the age-appropriate learning in place at each sub-school level. These designs will also be on display in various locations across the College.

Being-Little-Beacons-80x80 Being-Junior-School-80x80Being-Middle-School-80x80Being-Year-9-80x80Being-Senior-School-80x80

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