School funding model announced

21 September 2018
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I welcome the Federal Government decision on non-government school funding announced yesterday, which now gives us a degree of certainty on our College funding for 2019 and beyond.

In my August blog, I had expressed concern about the proposed funding model and its effect on independent schools. However, the decision now enables us to maintain our modest fee levels while continuing to deliver the broad, high quality programs our community has come to expect.

Under the new model, to be phased in over coming years, parental income tax records will be used to assess the socio-economic status of private schools to determine their level of Federal Government funding.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) has expressed cautious optimism that the model will create the long-term potential for a workable funding system. ISV is pleased the government has not made any “special deals” that unfairly favour one non-government school sector over another.

So how will it affect our fees at Beaconhills?

Our policy has always been to keep fees as affordable as possible. We are now confident that we can – as in previous years – set a modest fee increase when the College Board ratifies the 2019 fee schedule next month.

Beaconhills represents true value. We are an open-entry, community school, offering an exceptional range of programs, outstanding co-curricular opportunities and an all-inclusive fee structure for curriculum-based activities. Teaching staff salaries remain competitive and our program of improving infrastructure continues to flourish, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. We are now one of Australia’s largest solar-powered schools.

I am delighted that local families choose to educate their children at Beaconhills. We will officially confirm our 2019 College fees in October.


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