Samoan heritage connection through project

27 November 2019
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Year 9 student Moesha Griffin has widened her knowledge of her Samoan heritage after completing her ‘Personal Best’ project at Beaconhills College this term.

Personal Best is a major part of the Year 9 program at Beaconhills and focuses on student-driven projects. Students spend a whole term and many hours creating a significant project that’s their passion.

While some students create artworks, write books, design clothing or even run a marathon, Moesha’s project was to learn a Samoan dance and present a speech in Samoan at the recent Personal Best night.

Now she is inspired to keep learning, to the point where she can have a conversation with her grandpa in Samoan. She is also looking forward to a family reunion in Samoa next year.

Samoan is a first language for Moesha’s mother, but Moesha said her own comprehension had been limited to simple phrases, like “go do the dishes”.

Although she’s not yet fluent, she definitely understands more about the language and culture after finishing her project.

“It makes me feel a little bit more Samoan,” she said.



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