Reports that tell the whole story

20 September 2019
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The messages that schools convey about their educational philosophy can sometimes appear contradictory.

On one hand, schools will talk about a holistic education – developing the ‘whole child’ – yet hold up their students’ academic successes as the sole measure of success.

At Beaconhills, our aim to develop student reports which more broadly match the stated goals of our College. That means not just academic achievement, although that of course is to be celebrated, but also the qualities embedded in our six pillars of Learning That Matters.

Along with their usual reports, next term parents of Years 5-10 students will receive Beacon Explorers reports, which give teacher observations on the local or global experiences students have taken part in during the year. Whether it’s travelling through East Timor or Vietnam, hiking along the Victorian coastline, the art and Indigenous culture experience in the NT’s Jabiru, or canoeing and bike-riding in Jindabyne, parents can expect to see feedback on their child’s development of attributes such as leadership skills, resilience, empathy or teamwork.

I believe these Beacon Explorers reports, which we will continue to develop, will add a meaningful new dimension to our reporting process. They may also give students valuable information to use as part of future job and tertiary applications.

I look forward to seeing you all in term 4.

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