Reports that tell the whole story

21 June 2017

Imagine if your child’s report covered more than just academic results. What if it assessed commitment to community service, leadership or environmental stewardship? What if it painted a picture of your child’s personal growth after an outdoor education or overseas experience, through their own reflections?

I believe in a reporting system which gives the whole picture of each student, one that is multidimensional and reflects the learning that really matters to universities and future employers.

In the coming years Beaconhills College will be working towards a much more comprehensive reporting system which will go beyond just traditional ‘grades’. Beaconhills senior students recently completed exams and parents will soon be able to view their reports online to help track their child’s academic progress. However, it’s important to remember that exams are just one measure of the learning they will need beyond the classroom – and into their future lives.




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    Corinna Smith21 June 2017Reply

    Couldn’t agree more..!!

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    Donna Sinfield21 June 2017Reply

    I am really only interested in whether my child can read, write and add up

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