Public v private school funding

21 October 2019
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The perennial topic of private versus public school public school funding was back in the media recently. However, reports do not always paint the whole picture of school funding.

It would be easy to assume that some private schools are awash with funding, but it’s important to understand the underlying funding model.

Beaconhills College runs on 50 per cent of government (largely federal, not state) government funding and 50 per cent parent fees. Because 50 per cent of the cost of operating Beaconhills is paid for – after tax – by parents, this is in fact a significant saving per child for the government.

We actually receive a lot less funding from governments per child than our state counterparts. We are not diverting money from government schools, rather providing an alternative education option for parents who choose to pay extra for an independent education.

The total cost of running our school is included in all funding we receive; that means all programs, salary costs, maintenance and grounds works. Funding to state government schools does not cover excursions, some subject levies and other costs. We have also seen in, recent media reports, that government schools need to ask parents to help meet these costs.

Salaries of Beaconhills staff supports 500 people in the local workforce, accounting for more than 70 per cent of our school running costs.

Given the size of our program and the breadth of educational opportunities we offer, Beaconhills College is running efficiently and effectively. It would cost the government – and thereby the taxpayer – significantly more to educate our 3000 students.


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