Pride in our community

16 December 2015
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The VCE results have arrived and as a College we have many reasons to be proud.

Year 12 is not an easy year – it takes hard work and sacrifice, not just by students but the ‘back up team’ of parents, teachers and many others.

We are lucky to have a wonderful supportive community at our College. One of our Media teachers at the Berwick Campus, Deborah Spilsbury, remarked on the incredible support students in her class gave each other this year, helping each other to achieve either through revision or working together as a team.

Our sense of community spans generations, and now – as we head towards our thirty-fourth year – we can justifiably start talking about tradition! Amongst our top VCE achievers we had students whose parents attended the College. One of these students, David Lorimer, is the grandson of the late Richard Lorimer who was part of the College’s original steering committee. Richard was here to open the restored Junior School buildings at the Pakenham Campus back in 1999 and all of his grand-children have attended Beaconhills. No doubt he would have been proud to see David’s achievements.

Our community is our strength and I am certain we will only get stronger as we go forward. Another great year at Beaconhills College.

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