Mastering the cube

5 October 2017
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Year 12 student Ben Bowman is determined not to the let the Rubik’s cube get the better of him.

So this year he built a Rubik’s cube solver for his VCE Systems Engineering project. The device scans each individual side of the cube and uses a program to develop an algorithm which is then executed by the claws.

Pure boredom was the inspiration behind the choice of project.

“I dislocated my shoulder playing in my grand final for club hockey and I needed to get surgery,” Ben said. “That left my entire summer open to doing nothing but small movements with my arm, so I decided to get good at doing the Rubik’s cube.

“From that obsession, I decided that I would make a cube solver.”

With plenty of technical challenges along the way, Ben’s project is still not completed. Let’s hope the cube doesn’t win.

Ben’s project is one of the many amazing art and technology creations on display at the upcoming Visual Arts and Technology exhibitions at both campuses in term 4. Pakenham Campus projects are on display on 19 October (9am-5pm) and 20 October (9am to midday), while Berwick Campus projects are on display from 18-27 October from 9am-4pm.


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